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For A Monk’s Way

This rare book transported me to the world of my inner life and spirituality, connecting me to another dimension. For anyone who seeks to know more about meaning in life, I recommend this book very highly. Everyone can benefit.
Rabbi Yosef Levanon
…This book describes a unique contemplative journey in rich prose.  Clark Eide weaves a fascinating tale about the spiritual path and waking up to Presence in our lives.
Michael R. McVay MD/retired Cardiologist & Practitioner, Teacher – Mindfulness Meditation

For To Everything a Season


In a page-turning story about a challenged abbé of a monastery, Eide weaves in countless examples of ways to live a spiritual life while embracing our own humanity…In an entertaining
Phyllis Mitz, Master in Spiritual Psychology

!! Obtained your second book, and read straight through it! Magic!


Just finished reading your wonderful book again for the second time. This is probably the only
time in years that I’ve read a book more than once.


For Compassion

Clark Eide challenges us to take a hard look at the role COMPASSION plays in our lives. His writing challenges and inspires us to see if our lives and our world is as it should be.
Marcia Johnson Administrator Emeritus
What we all should have learned in Sunday school but now need a refresher course. A clear recap of both religious and civil discourse on the humanity and importance of this virtue.

For Patience

A succinct and timely message to slow down, contemplate and forbear. A particularly good reminder for us Americans’, who seem hellbent to always rush forward in our hustle/bustle
A Reader
Mr. Eide does an exemplary job at positioning PATIENCE… It’s a concise book – short of read…long of impact. Looking forward to reading the next book in the series!
A Reader