The Abbey Chronicles™

Enjoy a good story? Looking for meaning in life, like a lot of us??
                            Then The Abbey Chronicles are for you!

Religion? Even for Jean Moreau, a monk and the protagonist in the series, traditional religion doesn’t have all the answers, especially when he has an old girlfriend and a jealous Abbot to contend with! It’s not enough. So Jean takes us on an eye-opening look at his alternative search for the divine with his personal adventures, showing us different ways to find a direct, divine connection, the only true path to satisfaction. What he has to say will shock and surprise…but his new responses to complicated life situations can become a road map to building Awareness, the only route to true happiness…and meaning… in life. 

In the series’ first bookA Monk’s Way, (see at  Amazon or click the cover image), you’ll meet Jean. You’ll find that living in a monastery has its challenges. Get to know him, his temptation with an old flame, his differences with his boss…and his response to these situations that challenge him. To order your copy, click here.

In To Everything A Season*, the second book in the series, Jean continues his story and his look at modern life and opportunities to connect to the divine. Order your copy here.

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(*While each novel stands on its own, if you haven’t yet read book one,  A Monk’s Way, you might want to read it first).