I am a retired entrepreneur and professional singer, now an author and traveler (and still singing!) sharing time in France, the United States and Uruguay.  I am fascinated by the things we cannot see – those other dimensions all around us waiting to be discovered. I have always been attracted to the possibilities of the spiritual in those worlds and my quest to know more has taken me all around the world – from around America to London, France and Australia, from Ireland to India, Hong Kong to Uruguay.  I have had many wonderful experiences in these sometimes faraway places, and much of what I have learned I have been incorporating – in an entertaining way, I hope! – in my writings.

Jean Moreau is the hero in my series, The Abbey Chronicles, set in the fictional Abbey of Kervennec in Brittany, France. It is he who as my alter ego relates the often fascinating aspects of these other worlds as they affect him day to day. He struggles as we all do from time to time but through occasional heartache and emotional chaos, (and with some fun and surprises along the way,) Jean stays open and on course, often in spite of his traditional religion. He is a seeker and not so much a follower – a role we all might consider.