The Novels

“Impressively well written …consistently compelling…” – Midwest Book Review

Modern day monk Jean Moreau at the Abbey of Kervennec is in trouble. He’s obsessed with a beautiful woman from his past and he’s playing with fire. His past rival, now the power-hungry abbot, is reveling in Jean’s predicament. When the worst happens, Jean finds he needs to right himself — quickly. A Monk’s Way is the first volume of The Abbey Chronicles™, the story of a person like you or me…hardly perfect…and the soul journey he must make to get back to wholeness.  In the series and its stories, you’ll get to know Jean and enjoy his humor, insights and experiences. Through a process of rediscovery, Jean shares his routes to meaning in life via Awareness, the essential first step on the spiritual path towards our ultimate goal of establishing a direct connection to the Divine, the essence of spirituality. To read a preview, click here.  To see the book’s trailer, click here.  For reviews of A Monk’s Way, click here. To order a copy, click here

And now…the sequel to A Monk’s Way…!

In the abbey, there is a serious division that threatens its future, and Jean Moreau has to find a way to help it reconstruct itself. But it doesn’t end there. A sudden tragedy rocks the abbey once more, threatening its community in harsh new ways. Then, out of the blue, Jean finds himself face to face with a man destined to change his life forever…In this revealing and intriguing follow-up to A Monks Way in The Abbey Chronicles™ series, readers find Jean absorbed in his challenges…while continuing with his insights on Awareness and how anyone can find meaning and direct connected to the Divine. To Everything A Season is an absorbing and entertaining read whose contents can change forever one’s view of life and spirit and help one unlock the door to unprecedented peace, calm, and presence in a turbulent world. To read a preview, click here. To order the book, click here.