The Abbey Chronicles™

Are you looking for meaning in your life?

Are you satisfied with life? Are you looking for answers? Do you like a good story? Are there intrigues, disappointments, power struggles even in a place like a monastery? What is Awareness? Are you a Seeker? You’ll find a response in the The Abbey Chronicles™ series.

In the series’ first book, A Monk’s Way, available at Amazon, you’ll meet Jean Moreau,  our hero and a monk at the Abbey of Kervennec. An abbey is at the very heart of a traditional religion, yet Jean even as a monk knows his religion can’t give him all the answers. He is a seeker, searching for meaning. Find out what he discovers…what he has to say will shock and surprise…but his responses to complicated life situations can become a road map to building Awareness, the only route to true happiness…and meaningin life.

Good news – To Everything A Season, the second book in the series, continues his story.
Available now at Amazon. (Each novel stands on its own, but if you haven’t yet read book one,  A Monk’s Way, you might want to read it first).

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