Praise for “A Monk’s Way”

“Impressively well written and consistently compelling from beginning to end, “A Monk’s Way” is as thoughtful and thought-provoking as it is unfailingly entertaining.”
                                                         The Midwest Book Review

“A superb achievement, full of practical wisdom, and, a good read.”
                                   Tessa Cason, Spiritual Coach, Teacher and noted Author on EFT

“This book describes a unique contemplative journey in rich prose. Clark Eide weaves a fascinating tale about the spiritual path and waking up to Presence in our lives.”
                               Michael R. McVay MD, retired Cardiologist  &  Practitioner/Teacher of                                                                                                        Mindfulness Meditation.                                              

Sample Reader Reviews for “A Monk’s Way”

“I view this as a rather important work. It’s laced with the wisdom of one who has experienced much…. Beautifully written in many parts, it is a good story – believable and understandable and valuable.”                                     Carl H

“Anyone who is looking for a sense of quietude and serenity and for a deep sense of connectedness will benefit from reading A Monk’s Way by Clark Eide. More than at any other time, there is a need for such a book that is capable of transforming the reader’s life. I highly recommend the book to any seeker of meaning and purpose in life.”
                                                                                                     Rabbi Yosef Levanon 

“I was absolutely transported into the life, motivations and awarenesses of a Monk in Clark Eide’s book! Through this page-turning story about a Monk’s life I not only felt the complexity of what it means to devote one’s self to a Higher Calling, I was also able to witness the conflict and the resolutions that a holy seeker faces. I highly recommend this book!”                                                                                       P. Mitz

“’A Monk’s Way’…places a clear focus on the value of peacefulness, goodness and reflection in a time of extreme haste and anxiety. Timely and timeless– a unique combination.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Rick S.

Easy to read, deep and enlightening, ‘A Monk’s Way, The Journey to Awareness’, is a great book…For believers and non believers, this book lets the reader get involved in the most intimate questions that as human beings we’ve always been asking ourselves.”

                                                                                                     S Pena

“I loved this book from beginning to end…I got so much from reading this book, it has helped me to feel closer to God and has helped with making my prayers feel more important and rewarding. This is an excellent read for anyone interested in deepening their spiritual life.”

Transformational. ‘A Monk’s Way’ changed my life in great ways. I would be distracted by all of the stresses in my daily life, but as I began reading, those concerns would melt away as I was captivated by the protagonist’s calm, foreign perspective of our world. The language is so engaging that it seemed like I could reach out and feel the coolness of the stone walls of the Abbey…it  is a page-turner, and I am a happier person for having read it.”                                                                                               Sam Kane

“I have spent many years searching to find the meaning of life. Am I a spiritual being in a human body or a human being looking for the attainment of the higher Spirit? `A Monk`s Way` by Clark Eide is a must read novel about the search for Spirit. If you are religious or not, it is very easy to identify with the main hero. ‘A Monk`s Way` answers a myriad of questions. Thank you, Clark, for this book.               Brad R.

The wonderfully skillful and descriptive writing kept me involved throughout. I found ‘A Monk’s Way’ thought provoking and in many ways enlightening. Author Clark Eide is obviously a man with great insight who has a true sense of the complexities of human nature and psychology as well as the challenges of finding spiritual enlightenment. I look forward to another great read about Jean Moreau.”                   Philips Randall Books

“Through masterful writing each chapter draws you farther in to the life of Jean Moreau and his relationship with religion, and life outside of the monastery. I found this book to be thought provoking and very difficult to put down.”                                                                                                                                                                                                            Marcia J.

Inspiring! The author has obviously spent years on his Journey in life searching for Truth. Through Awareness he has synthesized the old spiritual practices with those of this advanced energy. He shares his deep spiritual knowing via this engaging book.” 


“I really enjoyed this book…The writing is clear and simple. He sets up each chapter with a relevant quote from sources as disparate as the Delphi oracle to Thomas Merton…Anyone who is a seeker would benefit by reading this story. I heartily endorse it.”     


“Very well-written and edited book that eloquently and richly describes the inner thoughts and struggles of monk Jean Moreau. It is an excellent guide toward greater spiritual awareness and re-centering one’s life in our tumultuous world.”                                                                                                                                                                                      JE


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