The Abbey Chronicles…

Traditional religions don’t have all the answers, do they?

Not for Jean Moreau, a modern day monk. Strange? Of course, but stranger things await.

Enter an old flame. Trouble. What’s worse is when the head of the abbey finds out…

Tested at every turn, Jean is in a big jam until he discovers that it’s not religion that matters, but a direct connection to the divine that matters.

But how to get there…Looking outside the box, Jean uncovers routes to Awareness, the essential first step to where he needs to be. A Monk’s Way serves as both an enticing and entertaining read while serving as a captivating spiritual primer for the modern age. First in The Abbey Chronicles series. See what the prestigious Midwest Book Review had to say:

Impressively well written and consistently compelling …unfailingly entertaining.”    THE MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW

VOLUME 2 in the series now available!

In To Everything A Season*, the second book in the series, Jean continues his story with more adventures and challenges. With his take on modern life, and with more illustrations on how to connect to the divine, you’ll find it a worthy sequel. Check it out here.

*Both books are available in eBook or paperback formats. While each novel stands on its own,  you might want to read  A Monk’s Way first.