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Nancy O’Brien

5.0 out of 5 stars:  The Personal Impact of “To Everything A Season” By Clark Eide

“To Everything a Season” is a book truly worth two reads. The story itself is engrossing; the life of a man with deep thoughts and a love of God who both seeks and is forced into the leadership of an Abbey filled with discourse. As Abbe Jean Moreau takes on the role of leadership of the Abbe Monks, he must concurrently develop his leadership skills, address the issues, (both on a spiritual and mundane level) of his fellow Monks and his own pursuit of God’s truth. Sometimes with wisdom, and sometimes doubt of his own actions, Abbe Jean Moreau answers questions for himself and provides readers with a framework to pursue answers to their own questions about faith, spiritual truth, and the human faces of compassion, turmoil and finally, forgiveness. A second read brought me to a place where I could apply theses compelling and honest personal pursuits for answers to my own sense of the Spirit and the enhanced awakenings my own studies have provided. This book is a much-needed addition to the permanent library of those for whom personal reflections and mindful, spiritual growth are a part of everyday life. My summation – a great read that feeds the mind and the soul. Congratulations to author Eide in his skillful presentation of such complex and personal searches for humanity and eternity.

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5.0 out of 5 stars:  An unexpected event and a visit from a stranger changes Jean Moreau’s life forever!

“To Everything A Season” is the second book in the Abbey Chronicles series written by CLARK EIDE.
Have you ever read a book and when you got to the end of the book you wanted to turn the page and keep reading? I believe you will find “To Everything A Season” to be one of those books.
The author gives us the opportunity to catch up with the characters in his first book – “A Monk’s Way”. He then begins to blend in characters that continue to fill out the story of Jean Moreau and the Abbey of Kervennec.
CLARK EIDE is a talented, intelligent writer, who truthfully shares what life in an abbey is like – not always peace and harmony among the monks but always a combined love and devotion to God.
As a reader you will enjoy the unexpected events that occur in Jean’s life inside and outside of the abbey. You find yourself agonizing with and celebrating along side Jean.
Each chapter ends with a tantalizing hint or question to lead you into the next chapter.
If you are searching for a book that causes you to think and wonder – “To Everything A Season” should be your book of choice.. The journey continues. 

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5.0 out of 5 stars:   A good story with a great message.

This is the second book about a very likable, very human, but also deeply spiritual person, in the character of Jean Moreau, who shares his thoughts on how to live a life of meaning. He is a monk in an abbey in Brittany, but his brand of spirituality encompasses many traditions, including meditation, awareness, mindfulness and healing. It just may inspire you to follow his example and find more meaning in your own life.
It is written in a very readable, conversational style, and I found it enjoyable as well as inspiring.

Elizabeth Cruz

5.0 out of 5 stars:   It’s a must…..

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Life in a French abbey is a private peek at the unique lifetime adventures of a young monk as he unintentionally climbs a ladder of parochial success. In Clark Eide’s second book, we have a unique view of a man’s life, temporal and spiritual. There is more to life at the Abbey of Kervennec than the average lay reader would imagine. Don’t miss Clark Eide’s new book. It’s a must for anyone who could use a better understanding of his life and soul.

Rabbi Yosef Levanon

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“A most charming book … a spiritual guide for our time … Any reader who is in quest to lead a more spiritual life will be abundantly rewarded.”


5,0 sur 5 étoiles  Un livre optimiste

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J’attendais ce second livre avec une très grande impatience tellement le 1er livre était superbe et je n’ai pas été déçue. « To Everything a Season » est un ouvrage qui vous redonne le moral, il respire l’optimisme et le positivisme, il fait un bien fou et une fois commencé vous avez du mal à le reposer. Jean Moreau sait tirer les leçons de ses échecs et problèmes ou ceux des autres et il le fait toujours avec tellement de respect et en nous redonnant foi en l’être humain. C’est une personne remarquable qui connait ses failles et ses limites mais arrive à les transcendées. Ce livre, est écrit dans des termes clairs et facilement compréhensibles par tous, il répondra à vos aspirations que vous cherchiez seulement un roman avec une intrigue et du suspense , ou que vous recherchez des réflexions philosophiques plus profondes sur l’âme humaine et ses travers.

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From Cornwall!…Obtained your second book, and read straight through it! Majic! 

Ann White