Quotes from A Monk’s Way

Jean Moreau, monk and hero of this book, is a deep thinker.  Here are some of his best quotes from  A Monk’s Way, available now on Amazon.

“I believe simply that the prime relationship to be developed in the spiritual quest is that relationship between a man or woman and God, not the relationship between one and one’s Church or its clergy.”  

“Mindfulness is a quiet mind, an aware mind. Mindfulness itself is not about ‘arriving,’ but about being.”

“Which was the genuine me? Could both lay claim to be a part of me — one part with a very human and primitive desire for a soul mate, in this case a woman, and the other consumed with the desire to live a life dedicated to honoring and loving a gracious God?” 

“Creation is always an act of affirmation, a lust for life or activity, a restlessness accompanied by art.    That art is what pleases and invigorates and mystifies me.” 

“Under the fire of the Enemy are forged man’s noblest characteristics, or greatest failures. The tempering of the earthly man through his many difficulties and challenges is where he can learn to connect to his own divine soul, his Higher Self, to the Divine.” 

“It is this connection to the Divine that gives humanity its only true possibility for happiness in a world incapable of delivering it by itself.” 

“Liberation comes first in the mind.” 

“I know that some think that an abbey is just a retreat from the world. I can tell you that it is hardly that. It is, in fact, quite the opposite. It is an embracing of life in all of its depth, in all of its complexities…”

“There is an effort to be made to get to that truth before it is ultimately revealed to us. There are lifetimes to live, much experience to gain, good decisions to be made, emotions to deconstruct, and love to be given and received. Then, and only then, will we understand creation in all of its subtlety, depth, and mystery.”