We’ve all come a long way!

Me at 3 Months

Me at 3 Months

Life is crazy with its twists and turns.

If anyone had told me that I would be living in Uruguay five years ago, even two years ago, I’d have said “What Guay?”  Or, if someone had said when I was in college that someday I would have four kids ranging in age from seven to thirty-five , I just would have left it at “What!…” If someone had told me then that someday I would be married to a beautiful French wife and live part time in Brittany, I might have said “oh-la-la!” – or something just as “profound”, but I would have doubted it a lot!

After a successful career as an entrepreneur, I turned to the arts, my first love.  Don’t get me wrong, starting any business enterprise is an act of pure creation.  I loved that.  But, first it was singing that entrapped me – and still does – and then not long after, writing.  So now I have the arts fully in my life – and always will.

Drop me a line and tell me what excites you in your life. If you are changing careers, maybe I can help – I’ve been there and have made the transition. Happy dreaming!

Me...a little later

Me…a little later