The Universe as a Giant GPS

In my book A Monk’s Way, I make many references to the universe and its role in “organizing” the outcomes of our decisions.   We are very limited in our ability to visualize possible outcomes, but fortunately, no matter what we decide, the universe will give us a result that works to bring us our highest good.   Many times we make decisions intending them to be for the highest good; but, we often do not know all of the facts.  We sometimes pre-judge.  We sometimes meddle.  We sometimes have an unconscious agenda.   Some decisions (we might call them “bad” or “misguided” after the fact) leave us as victims of unintended consequences – we all have stories of how that phenomenon has affected us.

How should we view outcomes from a spiritual point of view?

The universe has a plan.  I use the word universe to refer to the Great Architect or Creator – God.   The plan is to bring us all home – to the place where we love unconditionally.  In that plan, it would appear that our Divine Father/Mother wants to add depth to our character.   We have the experience of the emotions; we learn to distinguish good from evil; and finally, we see how the lack of love

and compassion brings us suffering.   Life on earth affords us those opportunities.  It gives us the chance to know Good for what it is and to make it our ultimate goal.   In the universal picture, all of our decision-making, and that of those around us, directs us there, though we may be oblivious to that fact.   There are times that it may be virtually impossible to see how any one event, sometimes tragic, can help us reach that goal. There is one thing, though, that we can be sure of.   We will continue to experience a certain thing that aims to improve us until we “get” it – and make the change necessary to get over that hurdle and move on.  Life is about faith and trying our best.

How we view this life and the outcomes that we experience in our daily lives, depends upon our level of Awareness, the one attribute that is essential to spiritual evolution.   If we can come to see that we are being guided, and that that guidance is good, we will experience many blessings on this earth.   The universe will reset the GPS of our personal path as a result of our reaction to each event in our lives.  If we are savvy enough spiritually, we will follow and triumph.