Clark Eide, author

I am a writer in several genres. My series, The Abbey Chronicles trilogy, are the memoirs of Jean Moreau, modern day monk at the fictional Abbey of Kervennec in France. Through trial and error, passions and emotions, his love of a woman, and struggles with his own demons, Jean Moreau arrives at answers and methods, some traditional but some not at all traditional, to satisfy the longing in his soul for Truth. The novels are entertaining stories incorporating thoughtful ideas on life and connection, as we follow Jean on his journey to personal gnosis. (You’ll learn a lot about monasteries, too, along the way!)

I love poetry and have written it all my life. I offer you a cross section of it in my book, My First 70 Years, Collected Poems. There is no art form more personal, more beautiful.

I also have a series of short books on Virtues, those unheralded but tremendously important key components to a happy life. It is all in my Jean Moreau’s Little Books of Wisdom series.

As a onetime entrepreneur and native of the United States, now living in France, my study of things spiritual has taken me around the world – from the USA to London, from France to Australia, and Ireland to India. My encounters and experiences have taught me that spirituality is about one thing only — direct connection to the Divine — as part of, or independent of, an organized religion. When we make the effort to go within and gain Awareness, we will find that connection, and the resulting path to temporal and spiritual contentment. In my writings, I’ve looked to synthesize what I have learned along the way and to incorporate that into story form and real life drama.

Enter the life and times of Jean Moreau. Enjoy the novels and see what you can pull from his experiences.